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Findus does it again

Thanks to Outside in World for a lovely review of the new board book for younger readers, Can Findus Find Pettson? by Sven Nordqvist

Can Findus Find Pettson? book cover
The new Findus board book for younger readers

“Findus has drawn a picture for Pettson and wants to give it to him, but where is he? Findus searches everywhere asking everyone he meets, but nobody seems to know, not the hens or the cows, nor even the muckles. Will Findus find Pettson? 

This delightful board book follows the antics of Findus, the endearing cat in the stripy dungarees, on another adventure as he goes in search of Pettson. Swedish author and illustrator Sven Nordqvist’s gorgeous illustrations work just as well in a small board book format as they do in the larger sized picture books. Young children will fall in love with Findus and enjoy following the story and looking at the illustrations.”

Many books from the Findus and Pettson series are now available as ebooks, including Findus at Christmas, Pancakes for Findus and When Findus Was Little and Disappeared, with more to follow

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Small Steps forward

We had a lovely review for Small Steps to Less Waste from Saffia Farr, Editor of Juno magazine. Thanks Saffia.

Small Steps to Less Waste: Stories to Inspire Change by Claudi Williams, Quickthorn

This book is inspirational. It’s a collection of stories and reflections from people who have adapted their lifestyles or set up groups in response to the climate crisis. Claudi Williams’ family set out to live without plastic for a year, and she describes what they learnt and how we can gradually change our habits. Paul Hofman writes about repairing things and repair cafes. Anita van Rossum describes moving to Stroud to support the work of Polly Higgins, “the Earth lawyer”.

What I enjoyed about this book is the range of contributors and how they are all doing such different things. It’s not prescriptive – you must do this – but it inspires you to reflect on your own life and how you might try and reduce your impact. It’s also full of beautiful images and lots of useful facts, and links for more information.
It’s a fantastic resource in so many ways: there are patterns to make cloth sanitary pads and
cloth bags for vegetable shopping, recipes for plastic-free cleaning products and cosmetics, and instructions on how to patch or repurpose clothes. The climate crisis is overwhelming and it can feel desperate, but books like this can encourage us to keep going and to give us hope that, if we all work together and share our stories, we can make a difference.
Saffia Farr, Juno magazine

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Learn How to Make Dolls with Author and Crafter Steffi Stern

Throughout February, Steffi Stern is hosting a series of make-along workshops on her YouTube Channel, focusing on making Waldorf dolls.

Join Steffi’s workshops live every Tuesday afternoon throughout the month, to learn how to make small, dolls house dolls and larger soft dolls.

If you missed any of the workshops, you can catch up on the The Makerss YouTube channel.

Dolls house dolls

As well as being an expert crafter and co-founder of The Makerss, Steffi Stern is also the author of several craft books, published by Hawthorn Press.

Her latest book, Making Soft Dolls: Simple Waldorf Designs to Sew and Love, has just received a lovely review in Waldorf Today.

“Everything you need to know about Waldorf doll making. Everything.” David Kennedy

The full review appears in the Waldorf Today newsletter, published on 3 February 2021.

Making Soft Dolls: Simple Waldorf Designs to Sew and Love by Steffi Stern is available now from Hawthorn Press.

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Anna Dusseau interview in The Green Parent magazine

‘Everyone is different and home education allows for this diversity.’

Anna Dusseau, author of The Case for Homeschooling: free range home education handbook, discusses home education and schooling in the Dec/Jan 2021 issue of The Green Parent magazine, available now.

For the full interview see the Winter 2020 issue of The Green Parent magazine. Anna’s book, The Case for Homeschooling: free range home education handbook is available to buy from Hawthorn Press.

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Reforesting Scotland Journal reviews Creative Place-Based Environmental Education and The Children’s Forest

These reviews appeared in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue (Issue 61) of the Reforesting Scotland Journal. For more information on these titles, please visit the books’ pages on our website: Creative Place-Based Environmental Education: Children and Schools as Ecopreneurs for Change and The Children’s Forest