Review: Creative Form Drawing with Children workbook one by Angela Lord


This brilliant review of Creative Form Drawing with Children: Workbook One comes from one of our own authors, Margaret Bloom! We weren’t expecting it, so it’s a wonderful surprise. Thank you Margaret :)

After school, while I prepare something for my younger son to eat, he usually rummages for a book to read or some art supplies.  Lately his favorite activity involves crayons and the book Creative Form Drawing (Workbook 1) by Angela Lord.   In fact, he likes this book so much, it has taken up permanent residence on the kitchen table.

The book is broken down into lessons by age, with a gorgeous array of colorful drawings to illustrate the forms and principles.  Each lesson is methodically outlined by age/grade level and very clear; however, my son and I prefer to leaf through the book, choose a page of designs which appeal to us at that moment, and use the illustrations as an inspirational launching points for our own kaleidoscope experiments.

While coloring books are a popular trend, the designs in this book take the user beyond mere coloring projects; with this book, my son & I feel encouraged to try our own original variations of each form.

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Review: Creative Form Drawing with Children workbooks 1 and 2

This wonderful review appears in issue 45 of Juno Magazine, and we are very grateful for it. If you are able, we do recommend picking up a copy of this magazine as it is bursting with fantastic articles, including one on men and anger, self-care for mothers, becoming a forest school assistant and a guide to choosing a menstrual cup! Definitely worth reading.

Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 6-10 & Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 10-12 by Angela Lord – Reviewed by Saffia Farr

Creative form drawing was developed by Rudolf Steiner and is widely used in Steiner schools. Angela Lord believes that creative form drawing helps children develop hand-eye coordination, spatial orientation, observation skills, attention and confident movement and is a foundation skill for handwriting. These books are designed to help teachers plan creative form drawing lessons, covering “the why, what and how”. They are beautifully laid out with diagrams, guidance, and evaluation points. It is fascinating to see how simple lines and curves can develop into beautiful patterns, and in doing so can help children develop confidence in their creativity.

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Review: Creative Form Drawing with Children Workbook 1

This wonderful review of Creative From Drawing with Children aged 6-10: Workbook 1 was written by @thePNDmonster and published on her blog. She reviews all sorts of lovely treats, and we recommend a visit: As always, a big thank you to @thePNDmonster for her review, and for letting us use it. All text and photos belong to @thePNDmonster.

Creative Form Drawing workbook 1 cover

What is Form Drawing?

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, form drawing was introduced as an important part of the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum by Rudolf Steiner. Form drawing supports the child’s learning process by integrating several senses while keeping the lesson alive and meaningful to the child, fully addressing ‘thinking, feeling and willing’. Form Drawing is introduced in First Grade in Steiner/Waldorf schools.

Bundle Number One is about to reach his 5th birthday and so we are not actually ready for form drawing yet, rather we are reading and researching in order to bring form drawing to him at the appropriate age. 

What is included in the book?

Within this large, hardback volume, you will find a detailed introduction to form drawing along with an explanation on how to use the book and information on teaching methods. There is plenty here to ensure that even those with no prior knowledge of form drawing will feel ready to have a go.

Creative Form Drawing workbook 1 Class one

The main body of the book is split into three sections; Class one 6-7 years old, Class Two 7-8 years old, and Class Three 9-10 years old. Each section introduces and explains the appropriate forms it’s age group fully supported by  plenty of colourful illustrations.

What did we think of the book?

As I have already mentioned, we are not at the form drawing stage yet with Bundle Number One, but we found this book to be an excellent resource in our own quest to understand the concept. We will be using the book to familiarise ourselves with, and practice the forms for Class One so that we are confident in bringing them to him when he is ready (and he was very interested to have a look at the forms and see what he has to look forward to!) I would highly recommend Creative Form Drawing with aged children 6-10 years, Workbook 1 to other home educating families, especially those interested in Steiner/Waldorf education.

Creative form drawing with children workbook 1 spread

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Review: Creative Form Drawing Workbooks one and two

CFD 1 and 2

We recently sent some review copies of Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 6-10 years and Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 10-12 years to the lovely folks at Steiner Academy Frome, and were absolutely delighted to receive feedback from the teachers there. Here is their practical and thoughtful review.

Creative Form Drawing with Children, workbooks 1 and 2 by Angela Lord. Reviewed/evaluated by Ann Gulbis and Paul White, class teachers, Steiner Academy Frome.

“Can we afford it? Does it add anything to what we already have?” Faced with an attractive, hardbound, full-colour, two volume publication that will cost £60, hard-pressed schools and individual teachers will want an answer to the second question before deciding what to give up for Lent next Easter…

Some very experienced class teachers at Steiner Academy Frome have spent time enjoying and evaluating review copies and are happy to share their views with colleagues.

These workbooks offer a one-stop encyclopaedia of form-drawing that:

  • Is attractive, in colour, convenient to use – and is in English!
  • Is keyed to the class-by-class stages of the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum
  • Gives concise objectives for each class
  • Contains the forms available in older publications, but often develops them
  • Includes less common examples and developments
  • Reminds teachers of the importance of movement and rhythmic drawing
  • Separates contextual and background text from the forms, so that the teacher can really “see” the examples

We believe that Angela Lord’s workbooks are a very valuable investment and will carry a class teacher through Classes 1-6 without additional resources. That’s £60 well-spent!

Here are a couple of suggestions for a future edition:

  • Some guidance on linking forms to particular Main lesson themes would be valuable, for instance, the linear reversible forms in class 5 (page 69 book 2) might be extended to allow an excellent exploration of fractions
  • Aspects of form drawing differentiation for temperaments and constitutions could shed light on areas of practice that are in danger of vanishing

Evaluated by Ann Gulbis and Paul White

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