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Ethical buying

Why order directly from Hawthorn Press?

We hope you will choose to order from our own online bookshop, which offers an ethical alternative to much larger internet corporations, often based offshore, which dominate the marketplace.

We often cannot compete with the low prices promised by larger corporations, though their posted prices are often misleading and aim at spoiling the market for bookshops, authors and publishers. Such low prices are only possible because of the consequent lower and unfair prices paid to writers, publishers and employees.

Ensure a fairer deal for writers, publishers and employees

As part of our commitment to building a more creative, peaceful and earthcaring world, we believe in the need to challenge the practices and near-monopoly of such corporations. Ordering directly from us will help ensure a fairer deal for writers, publishers and employees, and make sure that we can continue to publish good books.

Your feedback

We are always open to feedback from customers about how we can better tackle such challenges.  Please contact us with any comments and queries: