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Please note: as of March 1st we are taking most our ebooks out of circulation, with only a very few exceptions. This is due to our desire to focus on print markets.

Hawthorn Press has a range of eBooks. Currently, they cannot be bought directly from us, but they are available to purchase through booksellers such as  Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Below is a list of all of our eBook titles, complete with ISBNs.

Currently Available

Bringing the Best out in Boys: Communication Strategies for Teachers, Lucinda Neall, 978-1-907359‑53‑8

Commons Sense, Pat Conaty and Martin Large, 978‑907359‑56‑9

Deep Time, Anthony Nanson, 978-1-907359-65-1

The Genius of Natural Childhood, Sally Goddard Blythe, 978‑1‑907359‑61‑3

Genius of Play, Sally Jenkinson, 978-1-907359-67-5

The Good Sleep Guide, Angela Henderson, 978‑1‑907359‑42‑2

Healing Stories For Challenging Behaviour, Susan Perrow, 978‑1‑907359‑21‑7

Organisations with Soul, Adriaan Bekman, 978‑1‑907359‑43‑9

Peace Journalism, Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick, 978‑1‑907359‑47‑7

Social Ecology, David Wright, Catherine Camden-Pratt and Stuart Hill, 978‑1‑907359‑31‑6

The Storyteller’s Way, Ashley Ramsden and Sue Hollingsworth, 978‑1‑907359‑19‑4

The Storytelling School Handbook for Teachers, Chris Smith and Adam Guillain, 978‑1‑907359‑51‑4

Storytelling with Children, Nancy Mellon, 978‑1‑907359‑60‑6

Therapeutic Storytelling, Susan Perrow, 978‑1‑907359‑49‑1

Too Much, Too Soon?, Richard House, 978‑1‑907359‑23-1

The Well Balanced Child, Sally Goddard Blythe, 978‑1‑907359‑57‑6

Where on Earth is Heaven?, Jonathan Stedall, 978‑1‑907359‑55‑2

147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell, Chris Smith, 978‑1‑907359‑52‑1

21st Century Garden Cities of To-Morrow, Philip Ross and Yves Cabannes, 978-1-907359-62-0