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Submitting a book proposal

Thank you for considering Hawthorn Press. Although we generally commission the books we publish, from time to time we will consider book proposals from other authors. We encourage you to look carefully at our range of books and send us a well-prepared submission making reference to the points outlined below.

We do not currently accept proposals for poetry books, children’s books or fiction.

Author Questionnaire

About the book

  • What questions triggered this book idea?
  • Has it developed from your own teaching? Is it based on your own course or workshop? Research?
  • Why do you think this book is needed? What needs does it address?
  • What is the overall purpose of the book? Do you have any specific objectives? Key themes?
  • Give a brief overview in no more than 300 words what the book covers and its structure
  • How many words do you intend the book to be?
  • What illustrations, photos and diagrams will be included?
  • How will this book be special, original and marketable? What is its unique selling point?
  • List up to six particular features of the book and how these will benefit the reader or user. Please cover topicality if the subject is controversial
  • What makes it suitable for Hawthorn?

Readership - Who is it for?

  • Who is this book for? Primary readership? Secondary readership?
  • What level of ability will it assume in the reader?
  • Is it a general level, professional level (specify which professions), course book or research level?


  • If appropriate, is this a main text for a course, a workbook or a book supporting a course or workshop? Please supply details.
  • On which taught courses might it be recommended?


  • What other similar and competing books are there on the market?
  • How do these competing books compare?
  • Why should your book be preferred?
  • How is it more up to date? Does your book break new ground and if so, how?
  • How is your approach better?
  • How many people do you meet annually at conferences and workshops you may lecture at? How many copies could you sell directly via such channels? How many potentially interested people are part of your email contact list?
  • Which magazines or journals would be interested in this book?
  • Who are your media contacts?

Schedule and your publications

  • What is a realistic timescale for writing this book?
  • Tell us about your other publications or works in progress:
    – List any previously published works, sequentially, with title, publisher and year of publication and sales figures
    – List any works that are forthcoming, with title, publisher, and anticipated publication year
    – List any books you are now working on or planning

You as an author

This information will help us consider publicity, e.g. on the website, back cover etc.

  • Please send us a copy of your CV
  • In 100-250 words tell us about yourself:
    – Who are you and what is interesting about you?
    – What are your credentials? Why should the reader respect your expertise in the subject area of the book?
    – What is your best publicity medium?
    – What strengths do you possess that we can use in promoting your book? Experience in media interviews? Lectures and workshop programmes? Acknowledged expertise in the subject matter?
  • Please list the following:
    – Membership of any relevant organisations or associations and dates.
    – Any significant periodicals in which your work has been published (especially those related to this book’s subject area)
    – Media or broadcast interview programmes/ types of programmes that you think will be particularly interested in this book – include names of personal contacts if possible
    – Organisations (or even types of organisations, such as local study groups) you believe will want to use this book (in bulk purchases) as programme resource material, including names of contacts if known
    – Recognised authorities on the book’s subject whom you believe might be willing to read the manuscript and write endorsements for publication, including the cover and advertising ‘blurbs’, and reviews. Please include contact details if known and indicate whether the person is known to you personally
    – Please give the names and addresses of 2 people who you respect as qualified to comment on the book proposal

Book Plan and MS Submission Guide Checklist

Please ensure you include the following in your submission:

  • An introduction and full table of contents/book plan
  • The first two chapters of your book
  • Author questionnaire
  • Details of your readership
  • Details of the competition
  • Your proposed schedule
  • Your author biography and CV
  • A stamped, self-addressed envelope of the appropriate value for the manuscript’s return

Please allow us at least 2–4 months to respond.

Emails are OK for enquiries, but full submissions should be posted to:
The Publisher, Hawthorn Press, 1 Lansdown Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1BJ, UK