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cover of Woodland Crafting by Patrick Harrison

A feast for the eye and the soul, for the imagination too. Every new page will lead you outdoors to forage, collect, make and do. This is a book for the budding Swallow or Amazon –David Bond of Project Wild Thing. Find out more

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21st Century Garden Cities of To-Morrow
A Manifesto
Philip Ross and Yves Cabannes
In 1898, Garden Cities of To-morrow – the peaceful path to reform was published. The movement it sparked led to the first-ever Garden City, Letchworth (UK). More recently, a former mayor of Letchworth, Philip Ross, joined the urban planner Yves Cabannes to write this book, a 21st-century update of the original.
Adam Curle Radical Peacemaker
Adam Curle
Radical Peacemaker
John Paul Lederach
Tom Woodhouse
This book captures Adam Curle's core contributions in an accessible, edited form so that the breadth of his work can be introduced to a broader audience. It offers unique insights into the spiritual and external dimensions of making peace, and includes some striking personal poems from Adam himself.
Advent and Christmas Stories
A treasury of stories, verses and songs
Estelle Bryer
Janni Nicol
From Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas, to the flight into Egypt: Estelle Bryer and Janni Nicol tell their favourite Advent and Christmas stories.
cover of All Year Round
All Year Round
A calendar of celebrations
Ann Druitt
Christine Fynes-Clinton
Marije Rowling
This book is a festival store cupboard: a treasure trove of tomorrow’s much loved childhood memories, all mingled together with a mix of coloured thread, delicious cooking smells, softly sparkling candle light and the snatch of a favourite song.
AZ Behaviour Tales
An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales
From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra
Susan Perrow
This must-have collection of behaviour tales offers story medicine as a creative strategy for parenting, teaching and counselling.
An Enchanted Place
Jonathan Stedall
Winnie the Pooh as you’ve never imagined him – reincarnated as a human being.
cover of Baking Bread with Children
Baking Bread with Children
Warren Lee Cohen
With a little know-how anyone can transform a few basic ingredients into a delicious, sustaining loaf of bread. Baking Bread with Children has everything you need to share the magic of baking with children of all ages.
front cover of Becoming a Family
Becoming a Family
the first three years
Margaret Shaw
How babies can be welcomed onto this earth with warmth, love, insight, joy, rhythm, structure and sensitive care. This helps lay healthy physical, psychological and spiritual foundations for life.
Between Form and Freedom
Raising a teenager
Betty Staley
Betty Staley explores the vibrant and exuberant nature of adolescence, offering a wise guide to raising a teenager, including:  the stages of adolescence, the search for the self, the birth of the intellect, the release of feelings, male-female differences, temperaments and character.
Born to Move
How movement and music assists brain development in children ages 3-7 years
Sally Goddard Blythe
In this revolutionary new book, Sally Goddard Blythe eschews politically-correct accelerationism with her refreshing focus on children’s real age-appropriate needs – as opposed to the ones that impatient adults think they should have.
front cover of Breathing with the Climate Crisis
Breathing with the Climate Crisis
Johannes Kronenberg
Lin Bautze
Ueli Hurter
A hopeful narrative about the climate crisis, a new, different perspective that could unleash the courage to act.
cover of Bringing the Best Out in Boys
Bringing the Best Out in Boys
Communication Strategies for Teachers
Lucinda Neall
These time tested communication strategies help get the best out of boys. The tips for tackling difficult behaviour will result in more classroom co-operation and learning – so that everyone benefits.
Can Findus Find Pettson?
Sven Nordqvist
Findus has drawn a picture for Pettson. But where is Pettson? Findus asks everyone he meets, but nobody seems to know - not the hens, not the cows, not even the muckles. How will Findus find Pettson?
cover of Colour Dynamics
Colour Dynamics
Workbook for watercolour painting and colour theory
Angela Lord
The creative, healing power of colour affects us profoundly. Colour Dynamics reveals the essence of each colour, renewing your ability to see the world afresh. This leads to painting from the heart of each colour. You can feel with Paul Klee who said, "Colour has me, colour and I are one. I am a painter."
Colour Dynamics II
Painting the twelve-fold colour language of Aristotle and Rudolf Steiner
Angela Lord
In this follow-up to her popular workbook Colour Dynamics, Angela Lord invites readers to futher deepen and extend their colour insights and ways of seeing.
cover of Common Wealth
Common Wealth
for a free, equal, mutual and sustainable society
Martin Large
Just when 'the market' nearly took over all areas of life, the credit, climate and democratic crunches came along, challenging us to rebuild a society that works well for all. Common Wealth asks, 'How can we build a more free, equal, mutual and sustainable society?'
front cover of Commons Sense
Commons Sense
Co-operative place making and the capturing of land value for 21st century Garden Cities
How Garden City and Community Land Trust methods enable ‘associative democracy’ vision to be put into practice through the development of social-public partnerships.
cover of Creative Form Drawing Workbook 1
Creative Form Drawing 1
Rudolf Kutzli
Workbook 1 of Rudolf Kutzli's 3-part guide to creative form drawing.
cover of Creative Form Drawing Workbook 2
Creative Form Drawing 2
Rudolf Kutzli
Workbook 2 of Rudolf Kutzli's 3-part guide to creative form drawing.
cover of Creative Form Drawing Workbook 3
Creative Form Drawing 3
Rudolf Kutzli
Workbook 3 of Rudolf Kutzli's 3-part guide to creative form drawing.
Creative Form Drawing for the Four Temperaments with Children aged 6–12
Workbook 3
Angela Lord
A step by step guide to drawing forms for the four temperaments, a resource to use with children aged 6–12 years. This has a harmonizing, transformative and strengthening effect on child development.
cover of Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 6-10 years
Creative Form Drawing with children aged 6-10 years
Workbook 1
Angela Lord
Creative Form Drawing with children: Workbook 1 is a form drawing resource for teachers working with ages 6-10. It is designed to be used with the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum from classes one through three, although it will also be valuable to home-educating parents using the Steiner/Waldorf ethos as their base.
front cover of Creative Form Drawing with children aged 9-12 years
Creative Form Drawing with children aged 9–12 years
Workbook 2
Angela Lord
Creative Form Drawing with children aged 9-12 is a form drawing resource for teachers. It is designed to be used with the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum in classes four and five, although it will also be valuable to home-educating parents using the Steiner/Waldorf ethos as their base.
Creative Place-Based Environmental Education
Children and Schools as Ecopreneurs for Change
Aksel Hugo
Jorunn Barane
Morten Clemetsen
How can schools become creative hubs for enriching the community, for caring for nature, the landscape and place? This book presents the why, what and how of creative place-based education as action researched successfully by educators in Norway.
repair, make, mend
Hikaru Noguchi
Climate change is making us rethink how we use resources and not subscribing to fast-fashion and re-using and mending our clothes has become a mark of pride. This is visible mending, more akin to embroidery and embellishment that will make your favourite clothing even more personal and save it from landfill.
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