Breathing with the Climate Crisis

Lin Bautze, Ueli Hurter & Johannes Kronenberg

A hopeful narrative about the climate crisis, a new, different perspective that could unleash the courage to act.

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Breathing with the Climate Crisis offers a hopeful narrative about the climate crisis, a new, different perspective that could unleash the courage to act.

Young people and farmers from the East, South, North and West asked at a world biodynamic conference, ‘How can we find our own breath? Do we need more facts? More head? More heart? Feeling? Poetry?’ They suggest that you begin with your own inquiry process, ask yourself your ‘burning questions’. Then think further. And also: think with your head, heart and hands…

Breathing invites you to reflect on the climate crisis and our responses. It offers practical inspiration from biodynamic farmers who are caring for the earth. It gives hope beyond despair for connecting with nature.

It asks, “How can we breathe — socially, culturally, environmentally and spiritually?”

No, I shall not leave this dry, barren region. Because although I go away, the soil remains, it cannot leave. But we belong together, the soil and I, the earth and we human beings.
Clement Vincent, southern India, speaking at the 2021 Agriculture and Youth Conference in Dornach.

Description and Contents

Breathing arose from conversations between over 1200 young people and biodynamic farmers from all over the world in 2021 at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. They asked, “What actually is the climate crisis? Why is it happening?” Weighed down by potential despair, they felt breathless. Then the hope arose with the question, “How can we tell a new story, adopt a different perspective that could give us the courage to act? Find our own heartfelt question?

Contents: Your earth; you human being: you as co-creator; from real life – every person is a farmer; wanting a global society; further reading.

The Authors

Ueli Hurter is a biodynamic farmer from L’Aubier, Switzerland, and heads the Agriculture Section at the Goetheanum.

Lin Bautze is project leader for Living Farms, working with climate change.

Johannes Kronenberg works at the Goetheanum, working with young people sustainability and civil society organisations.

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Johannes Kronenberg, Lin Bautze, Ueli Hurter



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