Q&A with Betty K. Staley author of Between Form and Freedom

Betty K. Staley has been a Waldorf educator and researcher for over 50 years. As a founder of the Sacramento Waldorf High School, she taught history and literature for 20 years and then helped found six Waldorf high schools in the United States. Betty has written eight books on middle school and adolescent development, adult psychology, and curriculum.

Betty has just published the third edition of her book: Between Form and Freedom, Raising a Teenager. She talked with Anna Virgran about why she thought it was time for this book to be revised, how she has updated the book, and how she hopes parents, teachers, and other adults who work with teenagers will use it.

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Sea Sagas of the North – Online launch now available to watch

Join authors Jules Pretty and James Canton talking about Jules’s latest book Sea Sagas, aspects of climate emergency, biodiversity loss and regenerative agriculture. Jules Pretty is Professor of Environment and Society at the University of Essex. His book Sea Sagas of the North takes the North Sea and eastern North Atlantic as its palette and tells tales of ecological and cultural change in countries looking inward to the sandy shallow sea.