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Findus does it again

Thanks to Outside in World for a lovely review of the new board book for younger readers, Can Findus Find Pettson? by Sven Nordqvist

Can Findus Find Pettson? book cover
The new Findus board book for younger readers

“Findus has drawn a picture for Pettson and wants to give it to him, but where is he? Findus searches everywhere asking everyone he meets, but nobody seems to know, not the hens or the cows, nor even the muckles. Will Findus find Pettson? 

This delightful board book follows the antics of Findus, the endearing cat in the stripy dungarees, on another adventure as he goes in search of Pettson. Swedish author and illustrator Sven Nordqvist’s gorgeous illustrations work just as well in a small board book format as they do in the larger sized picture books. Young children will fall in love with Findus and enjoy following the story and looking at the illustrations.”

Many books from the Findus and Pettson series are now available as ebooks, including Findus at Christmas, Pancakes for Findus and When Findus Was Little and Disappeared, with more to follow

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On World Book Day 2021 Findus Gets Ready for Spring

This year, World Book Day comes at the beginning of a spring we have been looking forward to throughout the winter lockdown.

To help us celebrate, we turned to the central character of our most popular book series – Findus the cat!

As Findus shows us, March is the month when we can begin to sow seeds and look forward to watching the plants grow.

While it may still be cold outside, there’s plenty of seed sowing and fun activities to do inside:

This extract is taken from Findus, Food and Fun: Seasonal crafts and nature activities by Eva-Lena Larsson, Kennert Danielsson and Sven Nordqvist.

The latest book in the Findus and Pettson series, Can Findus Find Pettson?, is available to order now from the Hawthorn Press website.

Several books in the Findus and Pettson series, including When Findus Was Little and Disappeared, Pancakes for Findus and Findus at Christmas, are now available as ebooks.

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Celebrating Pancake Day with Findus

Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, the traditional feast day before the start of Lent.

It’s also Findus’s birthday! And he loves to make pancakes on his birthday.

To read about Findus and Pettson’s adventure while collecting the eggs for these pancakes see Pancakes for Findus by Sven Nordqvist, now also available as an ebook.

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Sven Nordqvist, author of Findus and Pettson, is honoured by the Northern Lights Book Awards

Sven Nordqvist, author of the Findus and Pettson series

Swedish author Sven Nordqvist has won a Northern Lights Book Award 2020 for Best Book Series for his Findus and Pettson series.

The Northern Lights Book Awards offer ‘A mark of distinction honouring children’s literature of exceptional merit’ and honour books that excel in aesthetic and literary qualities with an emphasis on permanency, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

Sven Nordqvist is one of Sweden’s most popular children’s book authors, having won in recent years the Swedish Literature Award, the Astrid Lindgren Prize, the Elsa Beskow Medal and now the Northern Lights Awards.

The books in the Findus and Pettson series follow the adventures of old farmer Pettson and Findus, his fast talking cat, through the Swedish countryside.

Author Philip Pullman has praised the series saying, ‘The stories are ingenious, the characters are quirky and original, and the illustrations are absolutely delightful … I can’t recommend them highly enough.’

Hawthorn Press publisher, Martin Large, said of the award, ‘We are delighted to hear of Sven Nordqvist’s award in recognition of the quality and lasting appeal of his Findus and Pettson series, and we are proud to be his UK publisher.’

To-date Hawthorn Press has published 12 books in the series, with the latest book Can Findus Find Pettson? publishing in February 2021. Browse the series on our website.

Hawthorn Press will be publishing each book in e-book format in 2021, beginning with Findus at Christmas, When Findus Was Little and Disappeared and Pancakes for Findus.

Can Findus Find Pettson? publishing in February 2021
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Fun Things To Do in July With Findus

The summer holidays are here! Whether you prefer to relax inside with some home cooking, or spend time outside making things, Findus has a couple of fun activities to try this month …

These activities are taken from Findus, Food and Fun: Seasonal Crafts and Nature Activities by Eva-Lena Larsson, Kennert Danielsson and Sven Nordqvist. Part of the Findus and Pettson series. The book contains fun facts and seasonal activities for every month of the year.