Findus does it again

Thanks to Outside in World for a lovely review of the new board book for younger readers, Can Findus Find Pettson? by Sven Nordqvist

Findus has drawn a picture for Pettson and wants to give it to him, but where is he? Findus searches everywhere asking everyone he meets, but nobody seems to know, not the hens or the cows, nor even the muckles. Will Findus find Pettson? 

This delightful board book follows the antics of Findus, the endearing cat in the stripy dungarees, on another adventure as he goes in search of Pettson. Swedish author and illustrator Sven Nordqvist’s gorgeous illustrations work just as well in a small board book format as they do in the larger sized picture books. Young children will fall in love with Findus and enjoy following the story and looking at the illustrations.

Outside in World

Many books from the Findus and Pettson series are now available as ebooks, including Findus at Christmas, Pancakes for Findus and When Findus Was Little and Disappeared, with more to follow

Findus has drawn a picture for Pettson. But where is Pettson? Findus asks everyone he meets, but nobody seems to know – not the hens, not the cows, not even the muckles. How will Findus find Pettson?.