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Hawthorn Press publishes books on holistic parenting, children’s stories, storytelling, crafts, social ecology, personal development, spirituality, Steiner Waldorf and early years education. Our vision is to support a more creative, peaceful and earthcaring world.

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Ten Years of Findus and Pettson

Back in 2007, Hawthorn Press published Pancakes for Findus, our first foray into the Findus and Pettson series by Sven Nordqvist. Ten years on, and we have published another nine Findus and Pettson books, all translated by Nathan Large.

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“Lederach speaks of ‘remembering forward’. Adam Curle possessed a wholeness of perception that transcended his own era. This collection not only honours him, but also brings his thinking to a new generation.” —Clive Barrett on Adam Curle: Radical Peacemaker

“One of the best books on writing poetry.” —Lorraine Lordi on Sing Me The Creation

“Form drawing is in a way akin to meditation – ten minutes a day, when purposefully executed, confers considerable benefits.” —Trevor Dance on Form Drawing and Colouring

“Get it for yourself! Never mind the little ones.” —Bookwitch on Findus Goes Fishing

“It is refreshing to see a book that puts science at the heart of learning, and links other subjects to the science, rather than the other way around.” —Journal of Emergent Science on Science Through Stories

“The most annoying book I have ever read, as the author seems to have had a more interesting life than I’ve had.” —John Cleese on Where on Earth is Heaven?