About Hawthorn Press

Hawthorn Press was founded in 1981 by Martin Large. Martin is from a printing family, so when he wrote Who’s Bringing Them Up? TV and Child Development in 1980, publishing was straightforward – although the extensive book reviews were a surprise. When people asked, “Well, what do we do instead of watching TV?”, Judith wrote Festivals, Family and Food with Diana Carey, which became a perennial best seller and the original foundation of Hawthorn’s success.

We called this new publishing venture Hawthorn Press because Hawthorn is an ancient tree with healing properties for heart conditions, which flowers gloriously at Whitsun, provides berries for birds in the Winter, and grows high up the fells in Martin’s native Yorkshire Dales.

Hawthorn’s books reflect our work and lifelong interests in conflict, social ecology, creative family life, crafts, education, facilitation, political economy, personal development, the power of  story and storytelling for inspiring literacy. Our question is how to help enable a more creative, earthcaring and peaceful world…

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