A Light for Little Gnome’s Lantern by Susan Perrow

After The Little Gnome Who Had To Stay Home, a story written for young children coping with lockdown, author and Therapeutic Storyteller Susan Perrow has written another story to help young children at the end of this difficult year – A Light for Little Gnome’s Lantern.

Image taken from the official animation of The Little Gnome Who Had To Stay Home

The story sees Little Gnome reaching for the stars as he searches for a light for his lantern that is fading after a long, busy year.

You can download the story for free from Susan’s website.

A number of story videos and podcasts can now also be found on Susan’s website here.

Susan’s new book, Stories To Light The Night: A grief and loss collection for children, families and communities will be published by Hawthorn Press in February 2021.

Sven Nordqvist, author of Findus and Pettson, is honoured by the Northern Lights Book Awards

Sven Nordqvist, author of the Findus and Pettson series

Swedish author Sven Nordqvist has won a Northern Lights Book Award 2020 for Best Book Series for his Findus and Pettson series.

The Northern Lights Book Awards offer ‘A mark of distinction honouring children’s literature of exceptional merit’ and honour books that excel in aesthetic and literary qualities with an emphasis on permanency, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

Sven Nordqvist is one of Sweden’s most popular children’s book authors, having won in recent years the Swedish Literature Award, the Astrid Lindgren Prize, the Elsa Beskow Medal and now the Northern Lights Awards.

The books in the Findus and Pettson series follow the adventures of old farmer Pettson and Findus, his fast talking cat, through the Swedish countryside.

Author Philip Pullman has praised the series saying, ‘The stories are ingenious, the characters are quirky and original, and the illustrations are absolutely delightful … I can’t recommend them highly enough.’

Hawthorn Press publisher, Martin Large, said of the award, ‘We are delighted to hear of Sven Nordqvist’s award in recognition of the quality and lasting appeal of his Findus and Pettson series, and we are proud to be his UK publisher.’

To-date Hawthorn Press has published 12 books in the series, with the latest book Can Findus Find Pettson? publishing in February 2021. Browse the series on our website.

Hawthorn Press will be publishing each book in e-book format in 2021, beginning with Findus at Christmas, When Findus Was Little and Disappeared and Pancakes for Findus.

Can Findus Find Pettson? publishing in February 2021

New book: The Christmas Tomte

Snow is falling on Pettson’s farm, and Christmas is approaching. Findus, the talking cat, tells Pettson that he is excited about the Yule Tomte visiting and bringing gifts. Oh dear, thinks Pettson, How can I explain that the Yule Tomte may not visit cats?

But Findus is adamant that the Yule Tomte must visit, and Pettson does not want Findus to be upset. And so, Pettson comes up with a scheme to build a Yule Tomte that can move and speak and give Findus gifts. But it is going to be very difficult to keep this secret from the curious cat, and even harder to design a convincing mechanical Yule Tomte! What could possibly go wrong? Perhaps what Pettson needs is a little bit of Christmas magic…

In Sweden it is not Father Christmas who brings children their Christmas presents but the Yule Tomte. Sometimes seen riding on a goat, the Tomte delivers presents after dinner on Christmas Eve. Another charming tradition is the snow lantern, where children add their wish list to a snowball on the top of a pyramid of similar balls with a candle inside. If the list has gone in the morning then it means the Tomte has found your message.

This is a new, longer Findus book for your collection in 17 chapters, translated into English by Nathan Large, with Sven Nordqvist’s engaging illustrations throughout. This seasonal chapter book is perfect for reading aloud to children in the run up to Christmas.