Fun Things To Do in July With Findus

The summer holidays are here! Whether you prefer to relax inside with some home cooking, or spend time outside making things, Findus has a couple of fun activities to try this month …

These activities are taken from Findus, Food and Fun: Seasonal Crafts and Nature Activities by Eva-Lena Larsson, Kennert Danielsson and Sven Nordqvist. Part of the Findus and Pettson series. The book contains fun facts and seasonal activities for every month of the year.

Findus plants a herb garden

As the weather warms up, now is a great time to make the most of being at home to try a bit of Grow Your Own. In fact, as this extract from Findus, Food and Fun shows, May is the perfect month to get growing.

A lot can be grown in a small space, and setting up a vegetable or herb bed includes plenty of activities for children of all ages. For example, as well as sowing seeds, there’s painting plant labels, potting up and watering plants – and even making your own perfumes and playing a game of scent memory. Can you tell which herb is which from its smell?!

This extract is taken from Findus, Food and Fun: Seasonal crafts and nature activities. Together with Findus, Pettson and the muckles, you can discover things to do for every season; pottering, collecting, fixing, crafting, building, exploring, baking. Sometimes outdoors, sometimes indoors, here is a whole year’s worth of ideas.

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Book Review: Findus, Food and Fun

Findus, Food and Fun

Reviewed by Martine Horvath for EYE volume 16, no 10, February 2015. A link to the EYE website is provided at the end.

This is an activity book about the seasons and all the wonders of nature as the seasons pass. The illustrations are exquisite and quite humorous at times  – they support the suggested activities really well.

So join Findus the cat and Farmer Pettson and their helpful friends, the muckles, as they make redcurrant cake, scent memories and build nesting boxes.

Spread from Findus, Food and Fun - pages 42-43

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