Making Peg Dolls & More now available in paperback

Making Peg Dolls and More by Margaret Bloom

This popular second book from Margaret Bloom is now out in a paperback edition (with flaps). Projects will capture your child’s imagination, from a daring dragon-riding marionette to a pretty butterfly garden mobile and a beautiful greenwood wall-hanging complete with dandelion fairy. Each project has tips on what the smallest hands can do to help and those an older child can tackle for themselves.

“Exactly the sort of toys that are perfect for parents to be willing to try their hand at … Toys with true gestures. Perfect to enhance creative imagination and play.”

Sharifa Oppenheimer (US), author of Heaven on Earth: A handbook for parents of young children

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Review: Creative Form Drawing with Children workbook one by Angela Lord


This brilliant review of Creative Form Drawing with Children: Workbook One comes from one of our own authors, Margaret Bloom! We weren’t expecting it, so it’s a wonderful surprise. Thank you Margaret :)

After school, while I prepare something for my younger son to eat, he usually rummages for a book to read or some art supplies.  Lately his favorite activity involves crayons and the book Creative Form Drawing (Workbook 1) by Angela Lord.   In fact, he likes this book so much, it has taken up permanent residence on the kitchen table.

The book is broken down into lessons by age, with a gorgeous array of colorful drawings to illustrate the forms and principles.  Each lesson is methodically outlined by age/grade level and very clear; however, my son and I prefer to leaf through the book, choose a page of designs which appeal to us at that moment, and use the illustrations as an inspirational launching points for our own kaleidoscope experiments.

While coloring books are a popular trend, the designs in this book take the user beyond mere coloring projects; with this book, my son & I feel encouraged to try our own original variations of each form.

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Making Peg Dolls now out in paperback

Making Peg Dolls, one of our most popular titles, is now available to buy in paperback format. We have changed very little about this charming book, and you can be assured that it has all the same projects and illustrations as the original. By releasing it as a paperback we have been able to knock a few pounds off the price, hopefully making more accessible to anyone interested in the world of peg dolls. We will no longer be printing the hardback version.

We wish you all much joyful crafting!

Making Peg Dolls cover paperback

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