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World Tales for Family Storytelling II

44 Traditional Stories for Children aged 6–8 yearsChris Smith

Traditional stories for children aged 6-8, from oral traditions around the world – for reading, telling and retelling; literacy and oracy.

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‘I wish you and your children much enjoyment from this splendid collection. May the stories grow wings in your mind and spread joy on the trill of your tongue!’
–Georgiana Keable, from the Foreword

Gathered here are retellings of traditional tales, told in the voice of a storyteller and perfect for 6–8 year olds. (A companion volume for younger storytellers is also available). They are short, simple and quick to learn. Parents can read and tell the stories, so children can then tell them themselves. This is not just a handy and fun activity for bedtimes, family occasions, car journeys and parties: oral storytelling in the home builds children’s confidence in their unique voices. It helps them to better understand themselves, each other and the world around them, and to speak so that others will listen.

These world tales are all selected from the highly acclaimed 147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell, a reference book used by teachers around the globe. In 2020/21 during COVID lockdown, more than four million online lessons were downloaded which used these stories as the starting point for learning language, communication and creativity.

‘In this collection for home use, we focus on tales for children aged 6-8. The stories may be read, told and retold and then explored within the family. They offer a rich vein of world heritage, giving your family a doorway into the wonderful world of traditional tales. Enjoy!’–Chris Smith

The Author

Chris Smith is a storyteller, musician, educator, father and founder of Storytelling Schools, where children learn to be storytellers. He believes in the power of storytelling to help families thrive.

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Chris Smith




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15 June 2022

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