A reader’s response to Seven Secrets of Spontaneous Storytelling

copy of Seven Secrets of Spontaneous Storytelling on table

Danyah Miller shares a lovely email from one of the very first people to read her new book:

Hi Danyah,

Forgive a message out of the blue – but I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your 7 Secrets book. I randomly saw a link to your You Tube Reading Agency talk, watched that, and ordered the book. So I’m now officially a fan!

I really liked the storytelling route to imparting messages about storytelling. The story was charming, and I felt I’d absorbed wise thoughts about storytelling in a light, practical creative way, rather than trying to plough through a dry textbook. The ideas for games and story frameworks look very useable and flexible. It was all perfectly presented – giving one great ideas to get started … The resources recommended in your book look really helpful …

The main point is – huge congratulations on your inspiring, wonderful book! I’m sure it’ll inspire many; it’s certainly done that for me.


Seven Secrets of Spontaneous Storytelling comes out on 1 November, but if you’d like to read it sooner, you can order it now from this website (click here). As Steve Biddulph says, anyone at all can get better at making others smile, laugh and come alive.

Watch Danyah’s Reading Agency storytelling masterclass on YouTube here …