Small Steps forward

We had a lovely review for Small Steps to Less Waste: Stories to Inspire Change from Saffia Farr, Editor of Juno magazine. Thanks Saffia.

This book is inspirational. It’s a collection of stories and reflections from people who have adapted their lifestyles or set up groups in response to the climate crisis. Claudi Williams’ family set out to live without plastic for a year, and she describes what they learnt and how we can gradually change our habits. Paul Hofman writes about repairing things and repair cafes. Anita van Rossum describes moving to Stroud to support the work of Polly Higgins, “the Earth lawyer”.

What I enjoyed about this book is the range of contributors and how they are all doing such different things. It’s not prescriptive – you must do this – but it inspires you to reflect on your own life and how you might try and reduce your impact. It’s also full of beautiful images and lots of useful facts, and links for more information.

It’s a fantastic resource in so many ways: there are patterns to make cloth sanitary pads and cloth bags for vegetable shopping, recipes for plastic-free cleaning products and cosmetics, and instructions on how to patch or repurpose clothes. The climate crisis is overwhelming and it can feel desperate, but books like this can encourage us to keep going and to give us hope that, if we all work together and share our stories, we can make a difference.

Saffia Farr, Juno Magazine

What are the tipping points that encourage people to make significant changes to their behaviour? This inspiring book includes ten stories of personal enlightenment and the practical changes they made. Offering simple alternatives to mass-produced, shop-bought, highly packaged goods, the book demonstrates how people of all ages can develop the skills and courage to make, create and look after what they have, rather than throw away and buy new.