Small Steps to Less Waste is Launched

We were delighted to launch the new title Small Steps to Less Waste with author Claudi Williams and some of the book contributors discussing how we can all make small but important changes that reduce our impact on the environment.

If you missed the online launch, you can watch it again here.

Claudi and Judit had some great tips for those of us just starting out on reducing our waste. The easiest one is to get rid of the plastic sponges from your sink and use compostable or reusable alternatives. We’re quite taken by the loofah we’re trying out and we’re making our own toothpaste too, which is easier and tastier than you might think.

Small Steps to Less Waste: stories to inspire change is available to buy from the Hawthorn Press website. All royalties go to Stroud District Action on Plastic, part of Transition Stroud. Read more about the contributors’ stories to inspire change.