Stories to inspire change

We’re delighted to be publishing Small Steps to Less Waste, a community project in association with Action on Plastic. The book contains 12 stories of personal enlightenment and the practical changes people made to live more sustainably.

Our impact on the environment demands behavioural change on a global scale and the power of individual action should not be underestimated as we wait for governing institutions and industry to catch up. 

The book asks: what are the tipping points that lead people to make significant changes to their behaviour? Whether it is seeing plastic on the beach or watching David Attenborough on TV, once moved, we are all able to do small things that together have the power to create a huge impact. 

We hope this book will encourage people to choose simple alternatives to mass-produced, highly packaged goods and be inspired by the Stroud community who are finding the time and courage to make, create and look after what they have, rather than throw away and create waste. 

‘While it is true that the challenges of our time require systems change and large-scale actions, they also demand that we all do what we can in our own lives and our communities. Stroud has long been a kind of hothouse for new ideas, led by people with the courage of their convictions and support of those around them. This practical and inspiring book draws together the stories of ordinary people who decided to “be the change,” and who will be your guides into a more sustainable way of living. The main takeaway from this book? That all of these changes, rather than diminishing us, actually make our lives fuller, richer, better connected and more purposeful. Wave farewell to plastic and discover a world of ingenuity and creativity!’

Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement

Available to preorder on our website now . We’ll be sending out a code to order the book for £15 in the next Hawthorn Press newsletter, so sign up now – if you’re not already a subscriber, of course.

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Portraits by Amy Harvey