Beltane Celebrations

Beltane takes place on 1st May, exactly half way between the spring equinox and summer solstice. The word comes from the Old Irish, meaning ‘bright fire’, and the day is now often known as May Day.

Beltane marks the transition between spring and summer and celebrates the start of the light half of the year. It is the time of fertility.

In the cycle of day and night, this time of year is akin to mid-morning – when we are active and moving.

It is a time of enthusiasm, joy, vigorous growth, love, harmony, fertility and the fire of creation.

This extract is taken from The Children’s Forest: Stories & songs, wild food, crafts & celebrations all year round by Dawn Casey, Anna Richardson and Helen d’Ascoli. Enjoy some of the songs of spring from The Children’s Forest on our YouTube channel.