Book Review: Raising Happy Healthy Children

Raising Happy Healthy Children

This short but sweet review appeared on the website What About the Children? Many thanks to Lydia Keyte for reviewing this title.

The beginning of September sees the publication of two new books about children and childhood: ‘Raising Happy Healthy Children: Why Mothering Matters’ and ‘Transforming Infant Wellbeing: Research, policy and practice for the first 1001 days’. Both publications identify important messages for our policy makers if we are to achieve real improvement in the lives of children and ultimately society.

In her latest book Sally seeks to explain why ‘mothering’ and indeed parenting as a joint responsibility of mothers and fathers, is so important in our ‘ever-changing’ world. Not only does she provide information about child development, but she also provides possible answers and policy action points to address issues which concern so many of us.

Lydia Keyte

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