Georgiana Keable feature in The Green Parent

Georgiana Keable

This is an edited extract from an article that appears in the October/November issue of The Green Parent: many thanks for letting us reproduce it here.

Georgiana Keable started professional storytelling at 15 in London. She moved to Norway in 1997, has taught story at Oslo University, and set up the Fortellerhuset and Festival in Oslo, places where she shares stories with children and adults.

My mum sparked my love of stories. Her mum was Swiss and she wanted to keep her tradition alive. Each year I take about two thousand 11-12 year-olds out into the forest, 25-50 at a time. They mainly come from the east side of Oslo, and they are not used to walking up in the forest. My friend, a local teller, meets them and they ‘accidentally’ come across me, a medieval pilgrim praying on a bronze age rock.

During the walk, we get attacked by bandits, we pass by ancient sites from pre-Christian times, which these kids had no idea are here, we walk barefoot and then the final trial – we walk in silence. In addition, they also hear the story of Olav the Holy and about my youngest daughter who hated walking. I love the kids’ utter delight in going barefoot. At first, many of them act as though I am asking them to strip naked and they just refuse. But as soon as they take off their shoes it’s as if they are plugged into the land. I love the experience of intense connection which we can feel sharing a story together out in nature.

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