Review: Raising Happy Healthy Children

Raising Happy Healthy Children

Our first review of Raising Happy Healthy Children has just come in. This review is from EYE Magazine volume 19, no 5, September 2017, and was written by Neil Henty.

This is a fully-updated edition of What Babies and Children really Need, which draws on the latest scientific research to show how vitally important the first few years of a child’s life are to their development.

The author, an editorial  board member of this magazine, frames the narrative in a society that cares for children and values parents.

This is primarily aimed at parents, to reveal the crucial early years period from a child’s perspective; in particular the relationship between a mother and child.

However, there is much to be gained for an early years practitioner, exploring as it does the biological, developmental, and social needs of a growing child from conception through to later childhood.

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