The parenting challenge

Parenting can be a challenge at the best of times, so throw a pandemic into the mix and you may be forgiven for losing the plot. In the nick of time, The Parenting Toolkit author and experienced family therapist Caroline Penney is offering an online course for parents with children aged 0-19 years dealing with everything from tantrums to teenage angst.

Starting on 15 October, this 9 week online, interactive course supports parents to help children thrive and transform family patterns.  It is based on The Parenting Toolkit book by Caroline Penney.
Key topics covered: Building confidence, feelings, play, listening skills and communication, setting limits, understanding behaviour, developmental stages.

This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and share ideas whilst following a structured course format, covering a whole range of skills (The Parenting Toolkit) to raise happy and confident children.
Caroline Penney, author and systemic family therapist will be delivering this course alongside Catherine Kearney, parenting and community development specialist. Caroline and Cathy have many years experience working with parents and families as well as running courses for parents.

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Illustrations here and in the book by Kate Hajducka