Review: Findus Rules the Roost by Sven Nordqvist

Cover - Findus rules the Roost

Our first review of this title! We’re very very excited about it, because not only is this a lovely book; it’s the tenth Findus and Pettson book that we’ve published, so we feel extra happy about it :) Thanks to Luce for this review – read her gorgeous home-ed blog here.

Farmer Pettson has a surprise for his hens, a proud and very handsome Cockerel! The hens are thrilled, but Findus the cat is less than impressed by this noisy new addition to the farm. The rooster is spoiling all of his fun, the hens are no longer interested in playing, the rooster has taken to chasing him and can give a nasty peck, and the noise is simply too much to bear.

It’s time for a plan, Findus sets to work on a cunning trick to get rid of the pesky cockerel once and for all… but will his plan work?

We were excited to read this latest story, having read many of the other titles in the series we knew we were in for a treat and we were certainly not disappointed. Findus Rules the Roost is beautifully written, warm and humorous. Both Bundles thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story and pausing to explore and appreciate the stunning illustrations, in which there are many delightful details and characters to be discovered. It is already becoming a firm favourite in our spring book box.

If you haven’t met Findus and Pettson yet, what are you waiting for? And for those of you who know the characters well, this story will make a great addition to your collection.

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