Review: Form Drawing and Colouring

This wonderful review is from the latest issue of Juno Magazine. It will be available from Thursday the 1st of December, and we can tell you now that it’s well worth buying; packed full of fantastic articles, craft activities (we particularly liked the ‘frost discovery’ ones) and some lovely seasonal eating ideas. Thanks to Saffia Farr for taking the time to review it, and for making the review look so beautiful in the magazine!

Form Drawing and Colouring cover

I have really enjoyed trying out this book, and I found it very therapeutic to sharpen some pencil crayons and learn how to build up patterns. At first the childish and perfectionist part of me was frustrated by my “mistakes” and wanted to rip out the page and start afresh. But then I experimented with merging colours and lines and made my “mistakes” look beautiful.

The book features four-fold patterns of increasing challenge and it’s very satisfying to build up the pattern section by section. There is plenty of space to practise the lines and shapes and also blank areas on the pages for freestyle doodling. The designs are inspired by Celtic, Moorish, Native American and Buddhist patterns as well as natural patterns such as leaves. I don’t yet have the confidence to try the most complex ones, but I am pleased to see some are part drawn so that I can embellish those elements or simply colour the shapes. I will certainly enjoy continuing to experiment with this book.

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