Review: Science through Stories

Science through Stories

This review appeared in Storylines, and was written by Liz Berg. Many thanks!

I took this book with me when I babysat my grandchildren in Scotland, their half term is earlier than ours down here. I wanted to find out what children of the relevant ages thought about hearing these stories and if they could work out what science they were supposed to be learning.

Well, I was surprised. Not only did they love the stories and were able to retell them days after hearing but they also picked up on the science part. Job done.

This book has a wealth of material for non- storytelling and storytelling teachers alike. If you have never told before they take you through the process step by step giving you tips and exercises to do with the class. There are ways to tell, ways to remember, mind maps, creative writing, drama, art, PSHE as well as the science it was written for. The stories are themed and there is often an alternative one if you don’t care for the first one but still need something. Traditional tales are married with new. Though the framework is science this is more a topic workbook that can be useful in many other areas.

Tips abound and the stories remain. So much so that the children loved retelling them to their parents. An excellent resource for the Primary teacher.

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