Book Review: Findus Plants Meatballs

cover of Findus Eats Meatballs

This is a review of Findus Plants Meatballs. It appeared on the blog adventureswithmonster on April 1st, and was written by thepndmonster. A link to the original post is provided below.

This was our first time meeting Findus and Pettson and we were delighted when we opened the package to find that they are beautiful, large hardback books! We were very excited to get started and Bundle Number One chose this book to share first (probably because he loves meatballs and we have been planting seeds in our garden recently!)

The story begins ‘On a beautiful Spring morning…’ ideal seeing as we have a seasonal focus here at Monster House and Bundle Number One is currently fascinated with all things ‘Spring’.  A stunningly beautiful double paged illustration depicts Farmer Pettson at work in his garden, preparing to start planting…


‘It’s time,’ he said ‘today we can sow vegetables and plant potatoes…’

but Findus the cat has other ideas …

‘…Can’t we plant meatballs instead?’ 

The story follows the two friends as they sow their seeds (and meatball!) only for their efforts to be scuppered by their hungry hens! They soon find a way to trick the cheeky hens back inside the fence. The next day there is more trouble, the Hens have found their way out again ….or have they?


Add to this the worry of a fox and something has to be done! Findus and Pettson come up with a clever plan to stay up and guard the farm all night, brave Findus takes up his position in his tree house and waits…


The next morning, Pettson is awoken by an alarmed Findus and discovers that this time, an entire herd of cows have found their way in…


So how do they trick the cows out of their garden, and does Findus ever manage to plant a meatball…? Well, you will have to read the book and find out


This book really is lovely, a well written story with a humerous plot that adults and children alike can enjoy. The illustrations are excellent, the more you look at them the more details you see, look out for the tiny creatures in the background …

Bundle Number One absolutely loved this story and I was amazed that he sat and listened for such a long story (in comparison to his usual picture books) I think the combination of excitement, humour and detailed, absorbing illustrations worked their magic. These are his thoughts on the story;

‘It was funny when the chickens dig for worms because they make a mess and I like it when Findus wakes up Pettson and the string is tied around his big toe and the pictures are funny!’

This story has been requested, and shared many times since it arrived and we look forward to sharing our next Findus and Pettson review with you!

… as for how the friends trick the cows out of their garden, and does Findus ever manage to grow a meatball? You will have to read the book to find out.

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