Review: An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales by Susan Perrow

This review is from Amber Greene of Roam the Gnome – many thanks to her for her thoughtful review.

A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales Amber Greene

Susan Perrow is a world-renowned storyteller with multiple books behind her. Her newest book, Behaviour Tales – From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra [sic], is a collection of 42 stories of Behaviour Medicine.

Susan was the founding teacher and instigator of Periwinkle Preschool in Byron Bay, and her work with young children at Periwinkle was the seed for her explorations into therapeutic storytelling.

As a lifelong writer, she was thrilled with the opportunity to share her own stories with the children but never more so than when a purpose-written story could effect change. Seeing the impact her stories could have on the children’s behaviour in particular was eye-opening and led her on an exploration to learn more about this magic.

Story Magic

This new book, An A-Z of Behaviour Tales, is a book for all children who have ever faced their own challenges or inner demon. Illustrated with sweet pencil drawings by Allmut ffrench, this paperback book should be in every travelling mum and dad’s backpack.

The book features therapeutic stories to help with anxiety, fussiness, jealousy, separation anxiety, shyness, perfectionism, and being scared – some of the issues children face both at home and on the road.

  • There are healing stories for challenging behaviour such as kicking, being greedy, hurting other children, bullying and bossiness, being too loud, or obnoxious and restlessness.
  • There are stories to help children overcome laziness, messiness, whinging, and uncooperativeness.
  • There is even a story to help with the modern child’s first world problem – boredom.

In fact, there’s likely to be a story for any kind of challenge you may be facing!

Susan’s behaviour tale stories for children are designed to be a gentle therapy – there’s no need for recriminating discussions or over-the-top admonishments when a story can have a profound effect on the child’s ongoing behaviour without any of the guilt or shame.

Susan rounds off the stories with practical tips on how to extend the stories so they make even more of an impact. She provides a few ideas on how to make use of puppetry, drama, craft, games and songs complement the storytelling.

Proof is in the Pudding

I’ve been a friend and a fan of Susan’s for years, and in fact, Jack is lucky enough to attend Periwinkle Steiner Preschool again this year.

More importantly, I’ve been reading and telling Susan’s stories to my boys and to hundreds of children during my former life as a kindergarten teacher, and I’ve seen first hand how quickly these stories work to bring change.

When children are immersed in world schooling, and all the change that brings on a daily basis, a gentle story from this collection of tales can provide comfort and security.

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Review: An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales by Susan Perrow

AZ Behaviour Tales

Luce at adventureswithmonster was kind enough to review An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales for us – we love her short and sweet review of this new Susan Perrow title. Many thanks!

Our friends at Hawthorn Press recently sent us some more goodies, including this new publication by Susan Perrow. We already have her previous book ‘Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour’, which is such a great resource, so we were excited to try this new offering!

The idea behind this collection of tales is to offer ‘story medicine’, which I think is a lovely concept. In the book, you will find 42 stories, each focusing on an undesirable behaviour, through the story journey each particular behaviour is worked through and balance is restored. Also, at the back of the book there is a very informative section on ‘Ways to Use Story Medicine’ where you will find suggestions for extending the stories, as well as ideas for using the stories as a springboard for one’s own writing.

The stories move through the alphabet, with a specific character for each tale. Included are humorous tales and also some more serious stories. They can be read in alphabetical order, selected to meet a certain undesirable behaviour you wish to address, or older children can even read through the stories themselves. The tales are aimed at ages 3-9 years, and each has a suggested age clearly marked below the title, but really anyone can enjoy them!

We found the tales we read interesting, engaging and humorous. Of course The Bundles wanted the stories with funny sounding titles, ‘Hurting, Biting Hippo’ was a definite hit! I particularly like ‘Zestless Zebra’

The simple illustrations work well to ignite the imagination, while still leaving space to wonder.

An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales: From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra is a great addition to our library and we would highly recommend it to fellow home educators, parents, and anyone who loves stories!

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