Learn How to Make Dolls with Author and Crafter Steffi Stern

As well as being an expert crafter and co-founder of The Makerss, Steffi Stern is also the author of several craft books, published by Hawthorn Press.

Her latest book, Making Soft Dolls: Simple Waldorf Designs to Sew and Love, has just received a lovely review in Waldorf Today.

The 10 word review: Everything you need to know about Waldorf doll making. Everything.

The longer review: If you’ve ever wanted to learn about making soft dolls, then this is the book for you. Steffi Stern has created extensive patterns and instructions for a variety of dolls, from the simplest first doll all the way up to the big “baby” doll.

The foreward by Philipp Reubke and the first chapters explore “What is a Waldorf doll?”, “Why Waldorf Dolls?” and “Doll Stories”. Beginning the book with those topics is a great orientation for Waldorf doll making. There is an extensive section on the materials you’ll need for all the dolls, as well as a section on the skills you’ll use for creating the dolls. Steffi Stern is a master doll maker and her instructions are clear and precise.

David Kennedy, Waldorf Today

The full review appears in the Waldorf Today newsletter, published on 3 February 2021.

Throughout February, Steffi Stern is hosting a series of make-along workshops on her YouTube Channel, focusing on making Waldorf dolls.

Join Steffi’s workshops live every Tuesday afternoon throughout the month, to learn how to make small, dolls house dolls and larger soft dolls.

If you missed any of the workshops, you can catch up on the The Makerss YouTube channel.

Making Soft Dolls: Simple Waldorf Designs to Sew and Love by Steffi Stern is available now from Hawthorn Press.

From the simplest rag doll to more complex characters, this book gives straight-forward instructions, a guide to buying your materials and upcycling materials you already own. A lovingly hand-made doll makes the perfect present and these dolls are easy to make and will be much loved for generations.