Lucia Day, 13 December

Lucia Day
From Findus and the Christmas Tomte by Sven Nordqvist

On Lucia Day they got up earlier than usual because Pettson wanted to listen to the music on the radio… They ate their porridge in silence and listened to the singing. To Pettson, at least, it was beautiful. He had seen a Lucia procession only once in his life, when he was in hospital long ago. Girls had entered the ward dressed in white, with tinsel in their hair and candles in their hands. They sang so sweetly. Pettson, still half asleep, thought he was in heaven.

While Pettson thought the Lucia festival was one of the loveliest sights in the world, Findus didn’t know what to make of it. So after the singing ended, Pettson described the girls with their candles and the beauty of it all.

Findus tried to picture it.

“Must Lucias be girls?” he said.

“That depends,” said Pettson. “They shouldn’t be beardy old men, at any rate.”

“I was thinking more of cats,” said Findus.

“Yes, cats are fine. Do you want to be a Lucia?”

“Yes!” said Findus happily. “With a candle on my head.”

Pettson fetched a candle and rooted out a candlestick that fitted Findus like a helmet. A string tied under his chin held it firmly in place.

Pettson cut neck and arm holes in an old pillowcase to make a fine Lucia gown.

“This will be nice. Just try not to burn down the house. Here’s a tray with a cup of coffee and gingerbread biscuits. Now go and be Lucia for me.”

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Watch this year’s Lucia concert from Gothenburg Cathedral (Sveriges Television (SVT))