Review: Findus Goes Fishing by Sven Nordqvist

We just got sent this lovely review of Findus Goes Fishing, which we would like to share with you all. It includes a hand-drawn picture!

Findus goes Fishing by Remy

Findus goes Fishing is a really good book. Pettson was miserable because it was really grey outside and he got really angry at Findus.

Findus wanted Pettson to be happy so he wanted to take him fishing. It was funny when Findus wobbled with the fishing rod.

The most adorable bit is when Findus digs out the cute little stuffed roach, a roach is a kind of fish. People use them to display on walls.

Pettson was happy at the end of the book because he loves fishing.

Remy, aged 7

Thank you Remy for sending us your Fab review!

‘I’m in a bad mood and I want to be left alone,’ says Pettson. Findus the cat stares at him. He’s never seen the old farmer so grumpy. I must cheer him up, he thinks. Somehow.