Review: Findus at Christmas

From the wonderful @thepndmonster, this seasonal review of Findus at Christmas. Originally posted on her blog on 15/11/2015

Findus at Christmas

We love the Findus series and were thrilled to receive a copy of the festive story Findus at Christmas for review from our friends at Hawthorn Press. The characters Findus the cat and farmer Pettson are now familiar to us, we have a little collection of Findus books and they are firm favourites so we were really excited to discover what Christmas is like for these friends…

The front cover is beautifully enticing and really gives that festive feel making you eager to look inside and Bundle Number One and I certainly were! We settled down to share the story and found Findus and Pettson getting ready for Christmas on the day before Christmas Eve, having left things very late due to the cold weather. The friends set out to shovel snow and then head off up the hillside to gather fir branches for their doorstep, where an unfortunate accident involving a slippery stone and their sled leaves poor Pettson with an injured foot, unable to walk.

With no decorations and empty cupboards, how will the friends manage to enjoy Christmas? Findus is going to have to lend a paw and come up with some ideas…and fast!

Bundle Number One really enjoyed the humour throughout the story, his favourite character is definitely Findus and he delighted in the cat’s attempts at ‘helping’ from the soapy wet kitchen floor to the makeshift decorations, there was plenty of giggling going on as I read! As always we love the illustrations and had fun looking out for the little creatures hiding on each page, this is the sort of book where you notice something new each time you read it and it is a tale to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. 

We would recommend this enchanting book to anyone who enjoys a festive tale full of warmth and fun, the stuff of evenings by the fire with cozy blankets and warm drinks. So go on, tuck a copy of ‘Findus at Christmas’ under your tree and share the warmth with your family :-)

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