Book Review: Making Woodland Crafts

front cover of Making Woodland Crafts

Reviewed by Saffia Farr and/or Tom Bullock in Juno, issue 39, March 2015

My 9-year-old son, Ben, really liked this book. He is a fan of sticks and was interested to look at new ideas for things to do with them. He particularly liked the dead hedging (pictured), which he said would be useful for den-making. The aim of the book, writes Patrick Harrison, is to help children explore what they can do with wood. There is a range of projects, and ideas are introduced in stages, so that first you learn to make a simple triangle, and then there are ideas for more complex structures building on that skill. Ben liked the range of ideas and introductory information about different trees and knots. Each project is illustrated with useful diagrams.

Dead Hedging

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