Book Review: Making Peg Dolls and More

Making Peg Dolls & More by Margaret Bloom

Reviewed by Amber Greene on the 9th December. Do check out Amber’s fantastic blog; there’s a link at the bottom.

A few years ago, I stumbled across a delightful blog called “We Bloom Here”, written by an American lady Margaret Bloom. Margaret had just started making some very cute wooden peg dolls, and I was lucky enough to win one in a giveaway. (This little thing with a crocheted hat still sits in my toy room to this day!)  Margaret also ran a few Peg Doll ‘swaps’ and I joined in to make some peg doll angels one year. I simply love peg dolls and I was excited to see some of Margaret’s creations, and through this love, we became online friends!

A little while later, Margaret was invited to write a craft book and share her love of sweet peg dolls and her designs.  So popular this book was, that Hawthorn Press invited her to make a sequel, and just recently, this book arrived on my door step.

MPD&M picture 1 Amber

I’ve been sharing it with our Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care educators, and we all agree- this book is simply superb. Chock full of grand designs and whimsical interpretations of birds, fireflies, rabbits, fairies and more. Margaret also takes a few step further than her last book and interprets the peg doll idea into cake toppers, holiday ornaments, toys, marionettes, a few sewing projects AND my favourite- zipper pulls. Oh my!

MPD&M picture 2 Amber

The photos are a helpful guide to those wanting to use Margaret’s idea as a template but the illustrations are even more beautiful if that is possible.  Simple but truly delightful.

MPD&M picture 3 Amber

One of my favourite designs are these Christmas angels. I’ve used this as inspiration and I’ve made some too.  I’ll be sharing the crafty-how to tomorrow!

This book needs to go on the wish list of all Waldorf-inspired parents and early childhood educators, as well as anyone who just loves to craft cute things. This book is FULL of cute things!  It’s a winner and I’m so proud of my friend for what she has created here.

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