Book Review: The Storytelling Schools Handbook for Teachers, 147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell

cropped front cover of Storytelling School Handbook

The Storytelling School Handbook for Teachers Vol 1 by Chris Smith and Adam Guillain; 147 Traditional Stories to Retell by Chris Smith

Review by Martine Horvath in Early Years Educator (excerpt)

These are the kinds of books you look and search for during your whole career. They are written by a master storyteller, with a wealth of ideas and experience gained in schools.

The joy and engagement storytelling can bring into the classroom can be precious, priceless and, like treasure, they enrich the curriculum and impact on children’s learning in an enjoyable, moving and powerful.

So, if you are a teacher looking for one-stop-shop stories to support your particular topic, or to simply enjoy for the sake of it, choose from this collection of 147 stories to inject a little mystery, heart, excitement, awe and wonder back into your classroom. It can be easy to forget just how powerful the imagination can be, and how stories and children’s responses to them can be deeply thoughtful, moving, insightful and perceptive.

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