Politics in the Pub with the Ngara Institute and Stuart Hill: Dismantling Neoliberalism

Stuart Hill, co-editor of Social Ecology, does rather a lot of wonderful work. Today we wanted to share with you one of his lectures from 2016 “Dismantling Neoliberalism”, which is pretty fantastic! Warning for a few minor swearwords. We hope you enjoy it.

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Talking across difference: Catherine Camden Pratt on meeting Karen Pence

My biggest concern was – and remains – a political one. How do I meet with someone whose political views I fundamentally disagree with?

Yet to refuse is to be invisible; to not be part of the conversation. To refuse is to say I cannot talk across difference, that I am closed off, incurious about others’ views. Saying ‘yes’ meant I needed to find ways to be strategic in how I participated as well as be mindful of the local and global Art Therapy profession.

Catherine Camden Pratt

The Second Lady of the United States, Karen Pence, visited Australia in April, and Catherine Camden Pratt, lecturer in Art Therapy at Western Sydney University, and Hawthorn Press author, was invited to meet her. Read her thoughtful article here.

The art of conversation with the Second Lady

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