Cory Waletzko

Co-author of The Waldorf Games Handbook and Games Children Play II

Cory Waletzko has taught movement and games at the Upper Valley Waldorf School and in the wider Northeast region since 2005. She is a graduate of Spacial Dynamics® and Bothmer Gymnastics and has worked for the Center for Social Sustainability, bringing Social Inclusion to students and staff in both public and private schools. Cory is a certified Waldorf teacher and has a Master’s in Education from Sunbridge College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University. Before becoming a teacher, she was a professional dancer, actor, and musician. She is a co-producer of FEARless, a ‘performers-potluck’ initiative through which artists explore how fear affects our lives. She currently teaches Games and Movement, and Music at Northeast Woodland Chartered Public School in New Hampshire. She is interested in bridging social and cultural divides and how music, movement, and the creative process can help us do it. Play on!