Introducing Quickthorn books!

This week we launched the social media for Hawthorn Press’s new imprint Quickthorn books in preparation for some upcoming publications!

Quickthorn publishes books with an emphasis on making and personal agency. We are constantly being pressured to buy more, to waste more and to spend more, putting increasing strain on our resources, our planet and our pockets. Making empowers us to be more self-sufficient and take control over the way we consume.

Making teaches us to value objects and materials and gives us practical skills to repair the things we love and create the things we need from the materials immediately available to us.

Making something with your own hands is a reflective process, it encourages you to slow down when the pace of life feels too fast, to be patient and to learn that good things don’t happen immediately. There is a huge joy in making, to create something that is unique, tangible evidence of your time and labour.

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