Oxford Real Farming Conference 2022 – Designing Regenerative Food Systems: Vision to Action

Earlier this month at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2022 Marina O’Connell, Martin Large, Colin Tudge, Hannah Thorogood and Julia Wright met virtually through zoom to launch Marina O’Connell’s new book Designing Regenerative Food Systems.

Marina’s book provides a unique toolkit for designing regenerative food growing systems with tried and tested agroecological methods for transforming industrial food growing into a resilient agricultural revolution. This system grows good food from healthy soil in a low input, closed loop system.

Watch the video below to hear Marina review the what and how of re designing regenerative food systems and why we need them now. Marina and Hannah Thorogood illustrate regenerative design from vision to action on their Apricot @ Huxhams Cross and Inkpot farms. Julia Wright of CAWR provides an introduction to “subtle agroecology”, how agroecology includes indigenous worldviews for more sustainable farming. Martin Large, Biodynamic Land Trust founder (and our own publisher at here Hawthorn Press) addresses the blockage of access to land.

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