Making Waldorf Crafts

This autumn we publish Making Waldorf Crafts by Nina Taylor – a recipe book to guide young people through making things on their own (with a little help or guidance from an adult, if needed).

Techniques in the book include spinning, knitting, sewing and weaving for complete beginners with clear step-by-step illustrations. The projects and techniques are accompanied by stories and anecdotes with a narrative that children won’t be able to resist, with tips for including your own interactive storytelling into sessions.

Group tasks are suggested, as well as individual projects and skills to learn. Some of the more complex projects may require one-to-one attention, so there are also activities included for young people to be getting on with while they are waiting for help, so the teacher isn’t dashing from person to person. Regular teaching tips from the author show you how best to demonstrate skills and how to keep the lessons engaging.

The author, Nina Taylor, has decades of teaching and teacher-training experience which she has distilled onto the pages of the book. Invaluable for teachers Making Waldorf Crafts is also a book to be used by children at home as they make their first creative ventures.

The more we take into account that intellect develops from the movement of limb, from dexterity and skills, the better it will be.

Rudolf Steiner

As school curriculums are under more pressure to fulfill academic goals, these projects will provide opportunities to develop dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and creativity with a series of tried and tested, age-appropriate projects to gradually build up skills.

Rudolf Steiner was ahead of his time in recognising the benefits of making with the hands and observed that embodied learning promoted cognitive development in other areas too. This is never more true than in the delicate process of learning where young children are involved.

Making Waldorf Crafts is available to pre-order now. Browse our full range of craft titles on our website.