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When Findus was Little and Disappeared

Sven Nordqvist

Here is the story of when Findus was little and disappeared – and how he came to live with Pettson in the first place.

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Farmer Pettson sat doing the crossword, with Findus the cat on his knee.
“Tell me about when I disappeared,” said Findus. “You haven’t disappeared,” said Pettson, “you’re sitting right here.”
“Yes, but – when I was little.”
“Oh then … But you’ve heard the story so often before.”
“But tell it to me anyway!”

So here is the story of when Findus was little and disappeared – and how he came to live with Pettson in the first place.

‘My heart is still working on un-melting itself.’ —Bookwitch

Findus and Pettson live in a red farmhouse, with a henhouse, workshop and tool-shed set among the forests, fields and meadows of rural Sweden. Every picture tells a story, with a fascinating, magical world of tiny creatures.

Sven Nordqvist is a leading Swedish children’s illustrator and writer. The Findus and Pettson stories draw on his playful adventures with his two young sons. His unique illustrations are inspired by a delight in everyday life.

‘The stories are charming and amusing and the illustrations are busy with lots of animals and detail for children to look and discover. Children love these books, so do parents and grandparents as they can read them safe in the knowledge that they’re harmless and gentle but are also fun, well-written stories which are great for girls and boys.’ —Chris Elrick, The Onion Magazine

‘It’s not often that we come across books with such immediate and lasting appeal as Sven Nordqvist’s ‘Findus’ series. The stories are ingenious, the characters are quirky and original, and the illustrations are absolutely delightful… I can’t recommend them highly enough. Hurrah for Findus! —Philip Pullman

In total over 18 million copies of Pettson and Findus books have been sold worldwide and they have been translated into 55 languages. When Findus Was Little and Disappeared was originally published as När Findus var liten och försvann by Opal bokförlag

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Sven Nordqvist




full colour line drawings throughout


297 × 210 mm


28 pages

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