Jonathan Stedall

Jonathan Stedall (1938 – 2022) joined the BBC as a producer in 1963, where he then worked for twenty-seven years. His earlier career had included stage managing in repertory theatre, work in the cutting-rooms at Pinewood and as a floor manager and then director in commercial television. He won a British Film Academy Award for his documentary In Need of Special Care about a Camphill school in Scotland for children with special needs. This was typical of the gentle and sensitive style of film-making that has won him so much praise over the years.

From 1990, he worked as an independent documentary film-maker. His most recent two-part documentary, The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner, looked at the life of Rudolf Steiner and the influence of his ideas on a whole range of contemporary activities, including education, agriculture, medicine, social and financial issues and the arts.

His book, Where on Earth is Heaven?, was inspired by a question posed by his young son, and looks at the challenging issues of living and dying, looking and seeing, heaven and earth, and human potential.

 He followed this with No Shore Too Far, poems after the death of his wife. An Enchanted Place was is his first fiction.