Georgiana Keable

Georgiana Keable

Georgiana Keable is a storytelling pioneer. She started out with the Storytelling Nursery in Reading, drawing on Steiner Waldorf early years education. She has taught storytelling at Oslo University since 1997 and launched the Norwegian Storytelling Festival. In 2002 she started The Storytelling House (Fortellerhuset) with storytellers from three continents.

Georgiana tells stories reflecting our relationship with nature. Often outside, walking and telling with teenagers, sensing the forest, the weather and the sea. She also travels, sleeping in a hammock and collecting stories from strangers.

As well as telling stories to thousands of children in Norway, Georgiana teaches at outdoor learning centres in Slovenia and at The Forest Schools Conference in the UK. She toured North America with adult and children’s shows based on her first Hawthorn Press book, The Natural Storyteller: Wildlife tales for telling.

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In 2015 she received the Oslo Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Art in Oslo.

Read more about Georgiana Keable’s work on her website.