Tackling the nappy mountain

“If you use one reusable nappy once a day you could save up to 365 disposable nappies going into land fill every year.”

Carly Catalano

In this extract from Small Steps to Less Waste: stories to inspire change, Carly Catalano discusses the many benefits of switching to reusable nappies.

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Introducing Quickthorn | Sustainable books

Quickthorn is a new imprint for Hawthorn Press for sustainable books about making. Inspiring, manageable and quick to read, subjects will include sustainable crafts and making for wellbeing. Mindful of our impact on the environment, Quickthorn will be commissioning books with an emphasis on recycling, mending and re-use.

The first publication for Quickthorn is Darning: Repair, Make, Mend by Japanese crafter and designer Hikaru Noguchi which is now available to pre-order.

With fabulous photography, twelve darning techniques and over 64 creative ideas for making do with the clothing we already have, so we don’t buy more.