Review: Making the Children’s Year by Marije Rowling

Camphill Correspondence gave us permission to reproduce this review of Making the Children’s Year – many thanks to them, specifically Betty Marx and Petra Dearsley.

Making the Children's Year

This craft book is the new edition of “The Children’s Year” which has been in print since its first publication in the early 80s.

It is a wonderful new edition, with both new and old projects which promise hours of fun and craftwork, to be done either alone or with your friends and children. I really appreciate that there is something for every ability. Some of the crafts can be done with young children, such as the stick streamers or the folded paper cup for catching a ball.  There are also plenty of ideas for the experienced crafter, for instance, crocheting slippers or sewing a baby’s sleeping bag.

“Making the Children’s Year” has been newly illustrated with beautiful paintings by the author. The paintings complement the line drawings, which are useful for following instructions.

This edition is very pleasant to read and easy to use. Seasonal projects can be found, as the book follows the cycle of the year. The instructions are written in a clear and straightforward way.  As a Kindergarten teacher, I found the book especially useful for my work as I always need new ideas for craft projects, or “worn out” toys and decorations which need replacing.

The projects vary a lot and require the use of many different materials eg, paper, wool, felt, nature treasures, beads and tissue paper.

The author also gives beautiful ideas for the seasonal table : a place in your house, Kindergarten, school or nursery where you can display what is happening in nature and help children to appreciate the cycle of the year.

I found that even just to sit with my woolly blanket dreamily reading and enjoying the lovely illustrations is very therapeutic.

I love this book, and am looking forward to making the long woolly hat, a new autumn lantern and many more items during the coming years.

Thank you Marije, for your inspiration and I love your illustrations.

Petra Dearsley is a craft enthusiast who has shared her hobby with many in Camphill during the last twenty years, both in Corbenic and Camphill School Aberdeen, where she is now a Kindergarten teacher.

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