Review: The Natural Storyteller by Georgiana Keable

Image shows children and animals around a tree, and book title The Natural Storyteller

This wonderful review comes from Luce at Adventureswithmonster – we’re having such a brilliant week for reviews this week! Thank you Luce for reading, reviewing, and letting us use your fantastic words.

This beautiful new book, offers a ‘vibrant invitation to embrace a world of stories about animals and plants-and our relationship with them’. Included are 48 stories from various parts of the world and cultures, each exploring themes such as sustainability and all including an element of fun! The chapters are entitled Story Heart; Story Mind; Story Tree; Story Animal; Story Bird; Story Earth; Story Water; Story Weather, and The First Party.

Written by Georgiana Keable, a storyteller pioneer who taught storytelling at Oslo university and launched the Norwegian Storytelling Festival, this book is designed to not only offer stories, but to also help the reader flex their storytelling muscles. To really feel into the stories and work with them deeply.  A great extra section entitled ‘Myths from the Land of You’ offers quizzes to help you remember key points in the story to help you with storytelling, offering inspiration for ways to work with the story in connection to your own life, story skeletons,  ideas for extending the story experience with games, activities such as making story maps from nature, riddles and more. There is even the idea to set yourself a challenge after reading the book… hold a story party at which you tell some of the tales yourself. This sounds like so much fun, and a  great idea for home ed groups and communities!

I especially like how this book is more than just a collection of stories, it could be used that way if you wish, but there is so much scope here to really dive into the tales and to  experience and practice an ancient skill. The stories are timeless, appropriate for a wide age range, and offer an oasis of calm amidst the fast paced society of today, perfect for sharing and as a means of reconnecting with our environment. A very welcome addition to our bookshelves!

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