Review: Creative Form Drawing Workbooks one and two

We recently sent some review copies of Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 6-10 years and Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 10-12 years to the lovely folks at Steiner Academy Frome, and were absolutely delighted to receive feedback from the teachers there. Here is their practical and thoughtful review.

CFD 1 and 2
Creative Form Drawing with Children, workbooks 1 and 2 by Angela Lord. Reviewed/evaluated by Ann Gulbis and Paul White, class teachers, Steiner Academy Frome.

“Can we afford it? Does it add anything to what we already have?” Faced with an attractive, hardbound, full-colour, two volume publication that will cost £60, hard-pressed schools and individual teachers will want an answer to the second question before deciding what to give up for Lent next Easter…

Some very experienced class teachers at Steiner Academy Frome have spent time enjoying and evaluating review copies and are happy to share their views with colleagues.

These workbooks offer a one-stop encyclopaedia of form-drawing that:

  • Is attractive, in colour, convenient to use – and is in English!
  • Is keyed to the class-by-class stages of the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum
  • Gives concise objectives for each class
  • Contains the forms available in older publications, but often develops them
  • Includes less common examples and developments
  • Reminds teachers of the importance of movement and rhythmic drawing
  • Separates contextual and background text from the forms, so that the teacher can really “see” the examples

We believe that Angela Lord’s workbooks are a very valuable investment and will carry a class teacher through Classes 1-6 without additional resources. That’s £60 well-spent!

Here are a couple of suggestions for a future edition:

  • Some guidance on linking forms to particular Main lesson themes would be valuable, for instance, the linear reversible forms in class 5 (page 69 book 2) might be extended to allow an excellent exploration of fractions
  • Aspects of form drawing differentiation for temperaments and constitutions could shed light on areas of practice that are in danger of vanishing

Evaluated by Ann Gulbis and Paul White

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