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Hawthorn Press publishes books on holistic parenting, children’s stories, storytelling, crafts, social ecology, personal development, spirituality, Steiner Waldorf and early years education. Our vision is to support a more creative, peaceful and earthcaring world.

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Beetles are not designed to roll

Whilst individual programmes are effective in improving motor skills of school-aged children presenting with various problems, there is also a growing number of children who are entering the school system with inadequate motor and language skills to meet the demands of the classroom and the curriculum and realise their potential.

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When you’re behind from the start you rarely catch up

“Children arriving at school unable to speak or read properly is a scandal”, minister says. This finding comes as no surprise and mirrors a general decline in children’s physical readiness for school in terms of the motor skills they need to support learning (EYE July 2018). Perhaps the most worrying trend is an apparent lack […]

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“My favourite part was when everything was colourful and when Gustavsson was scared from Findus pretending to be a ghost Ooooooo!” —Remy, aged seven on Findus and the Fox

“An uplifting read that will leave you with a sense of possibility and optimism — something I think we could all do with right now.” —Nimue Brown on The Natural Storyteller

“One of the best books on writing poetry.” —Lorraine Lordi on Sing Me The Creation

“It’s simply beautiful, a book for all families, a book for travelling families, and not just Steiner Waldorf -inspired ones.” —Amber Greene on Making the Children’s Year

“Get it for yourself! Never mind the little ones.” —Bookwitch on Findus Goes Fishing

“It is refreshing to see a book that puts science at the heart of learning, and links other subjects to the science, rather than the other way around.” —Journal of Emergent Science on Science Through Stories

“The most annoying book I have ever read, as the author seems to have had a more interesting life than I’ve had.” —John Cleese on Where on Earth is Heaven?